“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”– William Wiberforce

The purpose of this site is two-fold. First, it is a place for me to share my views on current international development issues and hopefully spark discussion on important global topics. I have a huge range of interests pertaining to international development, and this blog will reflect that. However, I will be focusing on examples and stories of injustice, particularly surrounding the topics of health and youth. This is not just about me rambling. I strongly believe that by helping people learn about the injustices in our global community and sparking conversation, we can discover ways that all of us can help to address these issues.

Second, as part of my undergraduate degree in International Development at the University of Waterloo, I will be completing an 8 month internship working for an NGO in Africa from September 2014 – April 2015. This site will then allow me to share my experiences and examine how they relate to broader development issues.

Check out Placement Posts to keep up-to-date on my 8-month field placement OR read through Development Discussions to get an in depth look at a number of development topics that I believe people need to be paying more attention to.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Informative blogs. I was unaware that we had a mix in regards to prostitution laws. Doesn’t make sense to make it both legal and illegal. Picking one side would yield the best results.

    • Thanks Ryan. Yea the current prostitution laws in Canada are very confusing, resulting in difficulties for police to enforce them, and putting prostitutes in a difficult situation if they are abused or victims of trafficking. Do you have an opinion on which method Canada should use in the future?

  2. As a Probation officer in Ontario, I have seen first hand human trafficking efforts. At out annual conference we had RCMP Officer Lepa Janovic speak regarding the OPAPA case in Hamilton ON where young Hungarian males – migrant workers were brought to Canada under false pretences and human trafficked to do labour. It is not limited to Sex trade issues. Within our borders we have cracked down on international sex trade trafficking making it harder to import persons for other countries. To fill the supply, certain areas in Canada have become hot beds to snatch young persons for the sex trade including Halifax, Niagara Falls and Vancouver. These victim are usually marginalized young persons, mostly females who have had bad experiences with local police or support agencies.

  3. I don’t believe prostitution should ever be legalized, anywhere (I’m from the States, not Canada) but here’s a little bit as to why:
    1. First of all, it comes down to the human trafficking issue. 92% of the prostitutes here in Ohio are recognized as victims of human trafficking, they did not chose this profession, instead they are being exploited. I can’t even call it a profession, but rather call it the exploitation of a vulnerability they had that made them susceptible to being lured into the sex trade. By legalizing it, we would just make the whole sex trafficking entity okay, and it’s not. It’s filled with abuse, rape, and degradation and objectification of women as sex objects, and by legalizing prostitution that would just reinforce those concepts. Society is already glamorizing it, the last thing that needs to be done is to tell these guys that they don’t need to hide it anymore, that it’s okay to put a price tag on a human being and to just use them in which ever way to please yourself.
    2. Secondly, people make the argument that it will be regulated. In Las Vegas, they have tested this out, and the girls are tested for STD’s every so often. Why aren’t the customers being checked? How are we going to regulate if the woman actually gets the money she makes or if it’s taken from her or used against her? How do we know someone isn’t manipulating things? How do we know for certain that this is something they chose?
    3. I recommend a system that views prostitutes as victims and the consumers as the criminals instead of the other way around. Here in Central Ohio we have a system called CATCH (Changing Actions to Change Habits) and what they do is they take women who are charged with solicitation (or selling themselves for sex, I view them as human trafficking victims) and put them through a 2 year program that allows them to rehabilitate and get out of it to make a new life for themselves. I definitely recommend you check it out and maybe write a letter to your officials prompting them to do something similar and educate themselves on the issue. If you are interested in more you can view my blog, as you can see, this is my passion and something I stand up for. Thanks for your time, and your blog isapinnel:) Love your stuff!

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